Rabu, 20 Mei 2009

vacation to the peak of Bogor

Today i'm going to the peak, Cisarua, Bogor, West Java. I driven the car n my mom beside and on my back my mom's fren.

Jakarta highway was really crowded. The traffic jam was long enough... from Kedoya (west Jakarta) to Cawang Interchange (east Jakarta) and need at least an hour and half. This really suck! No adrenaline to drive...it means ...i got sleepy...then i really wish i can take a rest at rest area..but i missed two places rest area...it caused by the signs are not shown at all.

by the end of JAGORAWI highway... The rain came down so heavy... it was make me must be extra careful.

After we passed the crowded of highway finally we arrived at rest house (villa). This is rent villa. We rent this villa for 2 day 1 night.

I parked the car and entered the house….1st impression oh my GOD!! I think it’s a palace.. really a big house.

I think this house was built with perfect design. Hmmm great architecture.
Maybe I can make this house into the game sims2…hmm maybe it will spent more time than build an usual house

Well I’ll show u room by room of this rest house

ups...sorry the first pict should be infront of the house... well this pict i took at from beside the house.

From the outside... it looks like common house. let's see from inside!

here's living room ..huff sorry for blurr.. i wish my Olympus has been repaired.. it'won't be happened.

Here's the guest room... consists of two set chairs

look there's a fire place... so hommy ya... huff sorry for dark light.. i forgot to turn on the lamp

@ the side yard

cozy chairs for watching tv...

hehe i forget to rotate this pict.. :p i take this pict from the stair

hmmm what should i called this room? like a lobby.. but @ second story

@ left balcony... swimming pool and mountains... fresh air of course... i love it!!

from the left yard..

dining room... for big family...

Multiple stairs

hhehehe me in the big mirror... forget again to rotate this pict ;p

The rainbow

double rainbow....can u see the second rainbow?

well the story about the peak is enough... coz i've tired enough so i can't go to some interesting places here...

But ... it's not finished yet..i'll continue about fishing at the next post ...

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