Minggu, 31 Mei 2009

dear my frens... (A and J)..

i'll keep writing ..Although u're not read this.. i just want to share to my readers.

I thought that brain cancer will be something out of my life and also from my family and frens… I thought that brain cancer will be something only I watch on TV.

But now… it something really near from me..

My fren with initial A… confessed that he has brain cancer.. he crieda and cried …

I just speechless …

He told me…that he tired and painful

I asked…how bad is it?

He said…4th stadium….

Oh my God….

I was really surprised!!!

Me: So what do you feel?

A : u know…I often insensible when I have to much problem…my head feel so hurt …until make me cry and finally insensible

(Ohhhh God…. I can’t imagine how it is so painful..)


Meanwhile …


A invited his fren to join us at summarecon…

I knew him (J) before although we never met before..

Then we were talking when A dance on the DDR game.

I was surprised again, when he told me that he has brain cancer too and 3rd stadium!!!!


What is it?

Is it true? Is it true that life is so cruel??

How could it happen to my frens?

How could it seem so easy to infect?


Dear my frens..

I won’t ask u what the doctor said about your day left…

Coz I don’t want to make you more sad..

I want you happy and see your smile

I want you get stronger to fight your cancer

I want you be patience to accept this

I want you fight this cancer!!

Don’t give up my frens!!

I’ll support you…

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