Minggu, 31 Mei 2009

i went to summarecon mal to hanging out with my frens..

although @ saturday nite i also went to this place...

hmm just a little bit bored..

fortunately.. every nite there's always live music..and i love it

firstly when i arrived there.. i just direct to tomezone..coz my frens were there.

They ask me to pump on the dance floor...  i mean on the stage of DDR (one of game @ timezone)

humm... i wish i can and confidence..but i can't

to pump up on the dance floor is really need focus...and also speed on your feet..

i tried once...

but... too much missed ...ahahaha so shamed!

after that...we moved to downtown area ..just online with wifi..

after get bored..coz live music wasn't play yet...so we moved to salsa food center

there was live music..

the singers so atractive with their body language and also their voices.

well i show u the video...

at nine and half o'clock we were back home

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