Senin, 18 Mei 2009

Shakira Nayla and virgi

Shakira Nayla is one of my nephew. She's daughter of my second sister. Nayla is 4th years old, and going to 5th by august. She is beautiful, smart and also cheerful. It seems the way she talks to us and sometimes she remains us to say sorry if we made a mistake (oh..that’s really nice). And also, she’s always smile and laugh to everyone similar with her.

But, sometimes Nayla makes me headache when she comes into bad mood. If she can’t get what she wants, she will cry, cry, and cry. Yesterday, when we shopped at ITC, she saw at mini ball arena. Of course, she rally wanted to go inside mini ball arena. Hmm..i thought it was possible, because all of us have tired. Then u can guess what happen next…Nayla cried hard enough…hmm fortunately I often to hear that so it won’t make me feel bad. But, my sisters (Nayla’s mom) couldn’t resist the emotion…yeah maybe she was tired. She said in harsh manner “Nayla shut up! I’m tired enough! You seem like never did it!”. Then Nayla cried louder, I knew may be Nayla scare and shock. Sometimes I think Nayla deserves to be scold for. After 5 and 10 minutes Nayla keep crying…huff….finally my sisters give up and Nayla got what she wanted!! handsome nephew. He just 2 years old and he just a little bit can speak, yeah although just one or two words could be understood...he talked nonsense as long as the trip till he slept... hm I don’t know he talked or sang... hahaha….

I took these pict a view minute before trip @ my sister's house.

Nayla looks so confidence and full smile .. :) but virgi looks confused..'s so funny..coz virgi seems don't know what should to do when he captured. Then, i taught him to pose like Nayla. next........eng ing eng..

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