Minggu, 14 April 2013

Proposal Property Developer

Hello world! I've always wanted to start a business. Business is quite complicated but promising definite profit potential and never lose. What is it? Home developers.

I have learned that a very strong business survive the crisis is business property developer. Why? because the price of land and buildings Will Never Fall! This is evident from a woman who became my inspiration that has undergone more than 10 kinds of business and the only one who survived the property.

Since I work in an office property that is quite famous in Serpong, my desire is building up. Many things I can learn from this company. Starting from the front to the kitchen I continue to absorb information as possible. In addition, I also continue to study the books associated with this business. Learn how to like Mr. Ciputra, Summarecon Agung, Sinarmas Land, and Lippo Karawaci Tbk grow and thrive.

Maybe for those who do not really know me would say that this is impossible. But for my friend and boss who already know me personally, and my spirit and tenacity, they are very confident in me and supporting businesses that will I live this.

Property business is not exactly easy, because a lot of that should be taken care of. Ranging from permitting, land acquisition, development up to the KPR. In addition, this business requires substantial capital and good liquidity (depending on the area to be worked on location). To that end, I would like to invite investors to join with me to run a very bright business.

At the moment I work in the property company, and would resign if I've got investors who want to join me in doing business with this property. However, I emphasize that my purpose is not simply to build a business to accumulate wealth but provide benefits to the community, providing a simple home and affordable flats, and participate and assist the government program for the equitable distribution of income across the country.

I look forward to an invitation from You who want to join as an investor to build this business. If You are interested can contact me for the presentation. Potential investors should not be afraid and hesitant because I will ensure a house worth more than 1 billion. The business must be built with trust, honesty, discipline, and blessings to all. Let's rise up and move forward together :)

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