Selasa, 19 Mei 2009

Today experience part 2 (saung aqmal)

11.45 it's time for lunch..
After the meeting is over. we are going to Duri Kosambi to have lunch. I don't know yet where d' exactly our destination is. I just turn my mom's directions where we are going.

- Arrived @ Saung Aqmal-
from the infront of Saung Aqmal... what i saw is a medium size gate. Then, when i was going inside... wow... it's wide enough!! Then i'll show u like what this place thru my pict.

The first picture describes a wide pond. This pond is made for feeding fish. There's look corridor (north side) as place for customers while feeding as long as the pond. The pond also completed with swash. It's heared so relaxing our minds.

The second picture shows two house were made from bamboo and covered with straw (dried rica stalks) yeah..back to nature.. it feels like in a village. I don't know about the villa, whether those both villa can be rented or not.

The third pict describes some gazebos (pendopo-pendopo). There's my place to lunch.. so hommy..

The fourth pict shows corridor (south side). This corridor is also for cutomers while feeding fish.

next i'll tell you about the seafood which is main menu.
what i ate was sapo tofu, fried shrimp with margarine, and roasted gurami fish. Sorry i was i got hurry to eat ..then i forgot to take a pict what i ate....hohoho ;P i'm sure if i capture what i ate, u get drool....hahahaha
mmm after i got full....i felt the wind blow so softly to my made me so sleepy..

4 komentar:

  1. lagi di puncak yah... enaknya...

  2. itu bukan d puncak di duri kosambi cengkareng...
    tgu ya bentar lg mw post yang d puncak..

  3. kaeknya mang enak banget tuh tempatnya buat nyantai... apalagi kalo ada yang lucu2... hehehe...

  4. hehe iya's far enough from home