Rabu, 28 Oktober 2009

Yas Marina Circuit @ Abu Dhabi

This weekend, Formula 1 (F1) into the final series, which took place at the Yas Marina Circuit, Abu Dhabi. Although the 2009 world championships have fallen into the hands of Brawn Grand Prix racing driver Jenson Button, but interest in the audience to watch the race live is very high. The proof, tickets in all classes of the stands, are sold out.

What makes the very enthusiastic lovers watch F1 race here? Besides Yas Marina will make his debut as host of this race because the new calendar in F1, there were several advantages circuits mentioned this the most unique.

Here are 10 facts about the track in Abu Dhabi

1. Yas Marina circuit on the F1 calendar with the most straight-line path length, which reaches 1.2 miles.

2. End of this long path is also unique, because the run-off area was extended to below the stands west (West Grandstand). Thus, the car turning will be under the audience.

3. Abu Dhabi is the first in the F1 circuit, which gives comfort to the audience because every single grandstand, given the roof.

4. The exit of the pitlane is also unique because it is under the ground. After leaving the pitlane, the drivers must enter a tunnel and turned 90 degrees to the left, then passes under the track after Turn 1.

5. Abu Dhabi Grand Prix will be a day-night race in F1's first. This event will begin at 17:00 o'clock in the evening, and will end at night - although the track will be illuminated by spotlights.

6. Jogging track is under a five-star luxury hotel, Yas Hotel. No wonder this hotel make money because all the room was full for the weekend. Everything want to see the race from the hotel.

7. More than 14,000 staff working to create a new Yas Marina circuit, from the initial idea in February 2007. Thus, the total time spent is 35 million hours to complete these magnificent tracks.

8. Race committee to ensure that all F1 teams will feel comfortable, because the building pit for the air-conditioning mechanics.

9. GP Abu Dhabi also has a beautiful number, because the drivers must complete 55 laps, where the length of a lapnya is 5.55 kilometers.

10. Color blue to brand Yas Marina Circuit, because disesuaika with local water color.

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