Minggu, 11 Oktober 2009

Presentation, Master the First "Nervous" You!

We need to speak or give presentations in English in public, English language ability of capital alone is not enough even though it was feasible capacity is perfect and cis cas .. .. cus.

In my opinion, the ability of the presentation material and body language must be appropriate and interesting for people interested in us and not boring fast.

Presentation, especially using English, certainly not a matter lightly, says Lavinia. In fact, he added, people who have .. cas cis cus speak English .. can fall apart during his presentation was on the front of the microphone.

"The reason, can occur because not mastered the material, when it happens so nervous because of fear dihingapi one or the kinds of excess," he said.

Anti Tip "Fever"

Speaking in public, we are often overwhelmed with feelings of fear, which can even come in excess, especially if the appearance is for the first time. Start feeling groggy arise, facing embarrassment all around, afraid to make one, a choked voice, embarrassed, to worry too much, so often a cold sweat all over his body.

What will we do? Is it hard to overcome the "fever" of this stage? Consider a few tips:

- Control of Materials

You are not reading, but talking, so that mastery of the material more widely significant. The trick is to remember or to memorize some basic materials to be delivered. Beyond that, we just simply follow the path that need to be addressed.

- Exercise

Practice how to speak, began to pressure or tone of voice, hand movements, or improvise, improvisation you might do. The mirror is the most appropriate medium to train these things, because here we can just "learn to" get the atmosphere of interaction between you and the "audience".

- Think positive

Say to yourself, that not only the first time you do something like this. Panic and anxiety to yourself or would also be experienced by people who soon become your audience

- Appearance

Equivalent of a suit, shirt and tie, batik shirt, or uniform institutions, should not reduce the comfort of your dress. It happens, if the theme of the event, the atmosphere, and audience profile can be carefully taken into account when choosing matching clothes. You will not feel uncomfortable, because the costume was wrong when he was standing on the podium.

- Preparation

In addition to body language, do not forget the props and various other presentations supporting properties that will make your audience do not get bored listening. Prepare everything from the house, check and re ricek these tools work well.

- Relax

All you have prepared, now just waiting for the seconds you're standing in front of many people who will see and hear all your words. So, feeling confident and comfort of all the things you have prepared from the beginning. Smile and warmly greet your audience!

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