Minggu, 11 Oktober 2009

what a full exciting today!

Today I'm happy to be back together with my best friend, Andre, and Satya. In addition I am also getting familiar with a new friend named Gun and Arif.

This morning I woke up around at 09.00 pm not as usual a little early, because last night staying up hehehe ... I was shocked when i wake up all of a sudden my sense of smell smell dengue fogging. Instantly Just ask my mother, and it is indeed complex, we're held fumigation to eradicate Aedes aegypti mosquito. In a little panicked because I thought my house turn is near because the engine sounds loud enough so I immediately cover the goods with paper so as not to hit the steam fumigation.

After all goes well, my mother and sister went to the house yeah not far from our house. Yaahh although in a state that has not showered ... hehe but it was wash my face so it does not look unwashed. On the way we stopped at the seller porridge, because I have not had time to eat breakfast cereal so… breakfast first …After arriving at my brother's house, we were discussing many things, like my nephew's birthday and about selling the house. Meanwhile, my friend Andre back and forth was calling me to go karaoke with her friend in the WTC Matahari Serpong. However, I was not so intent to participate, but I feel bad if you do not participate. After much consideration I finally decided to join.

At around 12:00 a.m I went home and showered then rushed to the destination. But ... ... ... when I want to remove the motor, Andre called and said that karaoke was canceled because there was a change package. Huffff ... in my heart to say ... thank God, actually I was also lazy to go there ... hehe .. Andre then told me to meet at the mall Summarecon ... hmmm sounds better..

When I arrived at the mall Summarecon, I try to send a short message to him, I wait until an hour while you read the tabloids about the design and properties, but no reply from him, too. It turned out I did not realize that until this post was typed was not sent sms ... what a terrifying service!

After quite tired of reading the tabloids (which ultimately did not so I bought :p because I think of how I carry it with the tabloids for motorhome? It would be inconvenient!) I finally met my friend was in the downtown walk. They, among others, Andre, Gun, Satya, and Arif. Further, we were chatting and joking until we burst out laughing. Once we get bored we finally went to Supermal Karawaci without Satya and Arif because they want to Gramedia in Summarecon.

Once we arrived at Supermal, we headed to Taman Sari, snack and food centers, through Benton Junction. The atmosphere at Benton Junction quite busy because there are children's events. Then I tried to peek over the shoulder of the people who were packed into a tent, the children were aged about 3 years in a number of quite a lot about 20 more were playing a musical instrument electric drums. This is enough to make me mutter "wow great too small it could play the drums with the compact".

At Taman Sari, we did not directly search for food, because we do not feel hungry. We even took a picture-photo session in the park with green grass spread out ...

Me and Andre


Once we were happy to take pictures-photos, we headed for a place to eat ... hmmm've felt pretty hungry, but the order was long enough. Orders finally came.... although there was different food delivered to our table.

Once full we headed to Timezone to play ParaParaParadise with Andre. Frankly I am ashamed to play a game like this, because I felt it was not appropriate to the age that I live. The game was only three times since before he was content to play at Timezone Summarecon mall. When we come out of Timezone we met with my friend whose name Rizal and Idam. We met each other and rushed to the karaoke place.

Apparently the choice choose the karaoke songs still remains a confusing collection of favorite songs, although there are enough in the play list. Funny thing is, Idam choose dangdut song ... hmmm but he can sing pretty well, so I carried to sing along hahaha .... Something strange in my life to sing dangdut ... exciting and very exciting ... Andre and Gun rocked ... we were laughing out ...

Satisfied karaoke, we went home and went to park .... But Andre can not go home just like that, because he must show vehicle registration. Unfortunately, Andre lost vehicle registration and so far he has not even care to police office. So he had to leave his ID card as a guarantee that no vehicle registration. Oh ... too sad Andre ...

Finally I went home ... but before I had time to stop by at Idam's stay home with Rizal.

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