Sabtu, 27 Juni 2009

Puncak @ Ubersam cottages

“ouuhhh so freeze here…it makes my noose felt so smarting…”

Tuesday June 23, 2009
My mom woke me up @ 9 am and asked me to join her to puncak. I was confused, it would be exciting or not. I thought than I just stay at home maybe join her would be better.
Actually my mom’s purpose went to puncak was for meeting in 3 days and 2 nights with her co-worker and board of management. So, I just came and enjoying my own travel with my driver.
Arrived @ cottages

First impression… old cottages
This is not classical cottages, but the cottage seems not well maintained. The paint color of buildings seems dirty because the weather changes. So a pity... these cottages have big area and consists of some cottages and rooms. The landscape is good enough and fresh to my eyes. The designs of buildings are just average…nothing special… lack of art. Yes I know what the art of building is, because I saw some of buildings with art beautifully done.
All day and night I just stayed at cottage and confused what I want to do and where I’ll go. I was stuck there with my driver. So, I need the internet to eliminate the stumped and stay connected to all my friends. Because I used axis (new provider) so the signal phone there’s so bad …. and I was looking for the signal phone all day long. Ohhh … I wish I’m not losing my matrix card (yeah … I lost my matrix card view days ago).

Wednesday June 24, 2009
I just woke up in the morning…and felt my body freeze.. brrrrr….the air is really cold like ice. But, I should to take a bath in the early morning before the hot water got empty. After that, took a breakfast. Then, my mom asked me to copy some documents. Soon, I was looking for photo copy and phone counter with my driver. My driver copied the documents and I bought im3 (provider phone). After that, when we are going back to the cottage, the traffic was stopped. Weeew.. I thought it will be boring for waiting the traffic to be opened. The traffic was stopped has aim to reduce the traffic jam from Jakarta to Puncak, because the traffic volume always crowd toward afternoon. Yeahhh..after waiting almost an hour finally the traffic was opened. Then, we back to the cottage and connected to the internet.
I and driver wanted to go to the top of puncak by this afternoon. After 5 minutes away from the cottage… we arrived at Taman Safari’s gateway… what? The road ends with zoo’s gateway… ?? no other road?? I just confused…ohoho is the road was built for Taman Safari only? Hmmm doesn’t matter. so, we’re just turn back to the cottage coz the Zoo was closed..hiks..:(
11.00 pm
After waiting my mom’s meeting finally my mom n her co-worker asked me and driver to hang out to the top of Great Mosque (At-Tawn). Waw…great idea. …let’s go!!
Firstly, my mom really wanted to eat the martabak (thick folded crepe filled with spices and pieces of meat). After we bought martabak the trip was continued to the great Mosque. Woow..the trip on the Puncak @ mid nite was really exciting me. The curves road, the darkness, the freeze air made the window so hazy… mmm.. I love this trip. Actually I’ve been here before with my friends and ex girl friend (just a little bit remind myself)
12.00 pm Arrived @ Great Mosque At Tawn
After the car was parked, we went to the cafeteria with brought the martabak. We ate the martabak with a cup of hot coffee, but we ate and drink it quickly before the hot coffee and martabak became cold because the freeze air.
The scenery from this place is amazing. The light from the down town is mesmerizing. “This place remains me to the Eiffel tower. Yes the scenery similar if we on the top of Eiffel tower” said one of co-worker’s of my mom. What? Really? I thought… mmm maybe you’re right …yeah you’ve been there I only know it from you (on my mind).
-Photo session-

-Back to the cottage-

Thursday June, 25 2009
05.00 am. We woke up in the early morning, because we have to pick up my cousins @ Pondok Cabe and drop off my mom at her office for meeting. My cousins have stayed at their grand mother’s house from Sunday. My cousin’s names are Rafi and Rifki. Rifki should enroll to the elementary private Islamic school by today, coz today is the last day for enrolment. The trip made us so tired and sleepy.
10.30 am arrived @ home sweet home.

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