Minggu, 28 Februari 2010


It's stifling to live in a country that has courts which can not give full justice. In this country many people have become mob justice. The right side can be defeated with ease by which one party simply because they have the power (money). No wonder the "Hundreds of savage accounts owned by elements of Mahkamah Agung" (KPK). It is a moral proof that there are rogue elements that judges are no longer able to carry out his oath of office. And the rogue elements of judge who immoral will mislead the people of Indonesia (is certainly based on the assumption that people will "accept" the verdict). This situation would not be allowed to drag on. The weak people would be harmed in this situation.

I write this because i'm not bravy yet to express what I want to write about what I experienced yesterday. I realized that I do not have the power and strength. So, I do not want to be a twisted side. I would rather be silent as my mother suggested for my future. I just can be speechless.

I still hope that this country can become a better country in the judiciary. So that there is no weak people who are oppressed.

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