Selasa, 23 Februari 2010

i'm back

how many words that i've wrote about how hard it is to keep writin?!
yeah....after I've finish my own paper for final i'm back to write!

I had put a proposal on a property company in Serpong. Who knows what I have in mind, I can only feel a fairly strong belief that I would be accepted to work there as finance staff. less than a week I put the proposal, I got a call for interview, this is my second experience for the interview. I ask a man who interviewing me, "when I will be confirmed whether accepted or not?" then he answered that he can not give certainty about the date of confirmation. I said Okay
Trully i've got little bit shock after knowing about the applicable business day in the company proved overdays, so I did not expect to be accepted by company.
Interval of 3 days after the interview, I called back, I do not know what the reason they called me back. I think it will be negotiated about salary and working days, but no, all laws are can not changes and employees must comply. I was shocked when that day I immediately asked to work. but, I said that I have about one or two days. Because I have to work out a deal with the campus. However, the interviewer seemed to mind if I wait until two days. I am only given one day's time just to work out a deal with the campus. Then I said okay I will try.
after 2 days into my last interview to the campus to register a trial thesis. hmmm it really complicated application and makes me annoyed for 3 days. yes for 3 days I commute to campus just to hand over the files needed to create a certificate and registration session .... oh gosh it's so fuckin bitch birocracy!
after a grueling 3-day, so is the opportunity to work in the company's property overlooked. I thought maybe this is not my destiny. There is guilt, because until today I had not confirmation that I resign from the opportunities given them.

but .........
now I'm really glad yahh although not trial yet ... but I'm glad to finally thesis which always just my delay finally finished!!

thanx god!!

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