Kamis, 30 Juli 2009

Hang out to Teraskota Entertainment Center

Sunday, 27 July 2009
Yeah this Sunday finally I went with my brother.. to Teraskota. It was pending for a month coz the accident that I told u before. Truly we don’t have any destinations yet. He thought we are going to Summarecon mal, but I felt so bored n I’m looking for new place. Yeah Teraskota Entertainment Center will be our destination and I came with great expectation…

Only 15 minutes from my home we arrived to Basement floor of Teraskota Entertainment Center. First impression… modern!! Yeah of course … the architectural of building is made in modern way and minimalist. When I was at main entrance.. I felt so bright, fresh, n full of sun light. The roof is highly positioned because the portside direct to the second floor. The first view that I’ve seen is Wendy’s fast food, yeah Wendy’s is in front of main entrance.

-First story n Main atrium-
mmm… just average..but when I saw to the roof..waw…modern touch… seems like at aircraft space (like I watched at Startrek movie). First story seems will be filled with restaurant and fast food tenants. From here I just can see four escalators. I thought the escalators were designed to be exposed by the architects. Now, I know what is the meaning of overhang floor, it is just floor or second story stands on four pillars. I think it’s not special for me.. yeah nothing surprising me.

-Second story-
Gramedia and Celebrity Fitness are two tenants just opened. May be lifestyle stores will fulfill this area.

-Third story-
This story seems hidden from the first and the second story. Coz the connecting floors is small enough. I just confused to describe in words…hehehe but you can see that in the picture. On the third story there is only Blitzmegaplex theatre. It has eight auditoriums. My first impression when I walk inside there.. Easy and simple design.. nothing luxurious (not what I expected before). Mmmm…. When I’m looking for now showing posters…I can’t find it…strange…than I asked the officer… a little bit surprised. I can’t figure it out
”the theatre without now showing posters” hmmm .. well… i just go to the sales ticketing.. and bought two tickets of public enemies movie with doubt (coz I don’t watch the trailer yet).

-Inside the auditorium-
Generally it seems like commonly theater. But the difference felt when I had my sit, the backrest felt so relaxing and comfort. How about the screen? When the movie trailer played …there’s nothing difference. But when the movie played, the screen widely opened into 16:9 ratios…yeah it seems wider than XXI cinemas. How about the sound? I can’t feel yet the difference. I don’t know..maybe the movie that I’ve seen is have not special effect so I can’t hear the difference.

After watching cinema… we walked thru beside mal. Then..we arrived on the back of building..hmmm just one interesting place… cafĂ©…!! Yeah…after we got sit, the waiter served us… n we chatted with a glass of green tea with wiped cream, chocolate coffee iced late, and chicken wings until the afternoon changed into night.

After that, back to the basement, have a seatbelt..n burmmm ..don’t forget.. free parking..yeah this is new mal and need to be promoted! In my opinion… I think this mal was opened to early, coz there’s only a little tenants just opened. But it get the theme…yes as entertainment center not shopping center..

-Arrived at Raja Kepiting-
No plan to have dinner here.. just suddenly look and stopped there. When I have a sit.. I remembered that I have a friend who work there.. then I asked his name to the waiter….and suddenly …he came to me and give me holding hands.. no conversation.. coz he must back to work….. After the food served…we ate till we felt full!!

-go home-

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