Sabtu, 18 Juli 2009

Bombs attacked Jakarta 17/07/09

The most busy district area in Jakarta, Mega Kuningan was attacked by terrorist. The first bomb exploded at J.W. Marriott Hotel on the 1st level. After the first explosion around 5 minutes the second bomb exploded at The Ritz Carlton Hotel on the 1st level too. Both exploded at restaurant area, exactly at Syailendra Restaurant and Airlangga Restaurant. These are some videos after the explosion.

After that the Mr.President of R.I or well known as SBY held pres conference. SBY said that he really angry for this situation. His face seems that he really deeply hurt and sad for this attack. He also shown some pict of parts of video which shown SBY as target of terrorist. Furthermore, SBY also said that this attack probably from person who want to abort the inauguration of SBY and Budiono as President and Veep for periode 2009-2014. On my opinion...according to the last will make political situation getting hotter. I think he would be more polite if he didn't say that. Yeah...that just my opinion...

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