Sabtu, 25 Juli 2009

Serang i'm in Love................

Thursday, 23 July 2009
view days ago i have planned to go to Serang to meet someone special.. but it was failed for twice.. because i have no braveness yet to go somewhere that i've never been there before.. so after i have a braveness ... i went there..but not alone...with my fren...hehe
yeah it seems like stupid... i just know her for 3 weeks ago... from facebook hehehe... is it strange hah? .. n soon i knew that she has a nick name in's a little bit surprised for me.. coz i never thought that she also a chatter...hehe.. and then we are connected thru chat n phone..and everything felt so click ...

-on the way to serang-
after the cikupa gate highway ... some parts of the road are under i just thru the road in a line.. and of courz i can't drive in high many big trucks and containers...get out of my way..u were really wasting my time!!

after we arrived at west serang... i called her and asked "where r u?" she said "i'm home" me "what? i just, you should come here and direct me to your home!" she "ok..just wait in minutes" ...

she came with driven the motor...then she directed me to her home..

-arrived at her home-
Firstly ... of course ..a little bit nervous... this is my first time to meet and chat face to face...
hehehe... she is a shy girl..i know it.. she can't look back to me eyes for a minute .. and even she shamed when i look at her face in 10 cm for some minutes...hahaha....she said that no one of her ex look at me like you..hmmm really?

after two hours we chatted...(without ignoring my fren) ....hohoho.... i asked her "would u mind to be my girlffren?" mmmm...she said "isn't it too fast?" i said "yeah maybe" she said "why you want to be my boyfren?" i said "i want to fill ur heart with love and i don't want anyone else inside there. so..if u wanna be my girlfren... just kiss me and if not ...just send me away..."

ho..ho..hooo... she kissed me..!!

hahaha finally ...i have someone to share my love...i'm so happy !!! although the distance separates us miles away.... for now... it doesn't matter for me or her...

God thanx to give love between me n her..
wish that it would be the sweetest things in my life
thanx God for the gift that u sent to me

Tomorrow she will go to Bandung to start her day in Bandung as college student. hmmm..yeah Bandung will be the next destination for me. yeah although it will be more far away ..but it seems there will be a lot of fun..yeah Bandung has much interesting place to visit than Serang..hehe..

11.40 pm
after we chat and kiss each other...hehehe i should go home..coz she looked so sleepy.. n tomorrow she should wake up in the morning. my last said "i'm gonna miss u so much" ....then yeah...i should go home!

01.45 am
after send my fren to his home....finally i arrived at home. yeah... it's d'first journey to some place that i don't know before... for someone that i never met before. .maybe it's love what i make anyone fools !!

3 komentar:

  1. ha..ha...ha... lo jadian ma cewe serang? serang kan deket kampung halaman gw, cilegon... selamet deh, di tunggu PJ nya yah... ha..ha.. i like when you said, "kiss me or send me away" ha..ha.. is her kiss so great? he..he..

  2. yup...west serang..kramatwathu exactly..
    just some minutes from clgon.
    her kiss? mmm just average...hehehe but french kiss of course! hahah

  3. ciahhh,...ada berita yg baru gw tahu nih...
    moga langgeng deh...
    ehmmm...fench kiss? berapa lama bro?...
    di posting lah mukanya