Rabu, 23 September 2009

movie review Phobia 2

i never watched thai horror movie on theater before.. trully i don't have intend to watch this..but my fren asked me to watch this movie.. he said that this movie is good enough to be watched... ok i trust him ..coz as i know..he is such a movie freak..

Phobia 2 consists of 5 story. each story has a different actors and actress... all of them play beautifully..

first story
A son that was hidden from the tragedy of died of his dad. he is the cause of his dad. He doesnt intend to kill him..but he doesnt know that his rob victim is his dad. yeah... His mom take him into buddhist monk in the Thailand's forest to realize what he has done. Then... in d'middle of d'nite he feels hungry (the rule of buddhist monk is restric him to eat at night)... he just looking for food.. hmmm trully there's some food.. but that's not for human... only for "hungry ghost" he doesn't care about this mattter.. so he eat the the food and cook the noodle.. here are a big mistake that bring him into the revenge by "hungry ghost" ...he should pay for the thing what he has done.

to be contiuned....

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